Sterilization Reels

Sterilization reels look very simple, but in fact they are very complicated products. Paper part of the reels must have a sufficient strength to keep the instruments inside the bag. Meanwhile they should be able to penetrate sterilization agent and prevent any kind of microorganisms to get in touch with the content. The paper must have the capability to be sealed with the film and stay sealed during and after the sterilization program. Vacuum phase of a sterilization process will tear a weak sealed reel. That’s why it is important that the reels have a strong sealing capability. The paper must be lint free and easy to open for operation.

The film of the reels must be see-through, strong to prevent punctures and seal-able to stay sealed with the paper. Some companies claim to have a 5, 7 or even 9 layers of films, but in the reality this is a marketing sales. There is no significant differences between 7 or 9 layers films. Important feature of each reel is to keep the instruments sterilized for a longer period of time, without any damages.

This reels have three indicators: Steam, Eto and Formaldehyde – with unique shape of indicator to achieve excellent sterilization result.